How Israel Influences Social Media

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The government of Israel is using social media and smartphone apps to silence, suppress and counter digital evidence of their actions against Palestine.

There's a lot that's happening in Palestine right now, and with my limited platform I feel that I have a responsibility to speak out about what's going on. While I was researching what was happening, I came across a mention of the ACT.IL app, which purportedly was a brigading tool to direct "activists" to harass and report any information about Israel's continued attacks on Palestine.
I was pretty skeptical and apprehensive, as I always am whenever some mentions anything to do with Jewish people and their "control" over anything. What I found inside the app was way worse than anything I expected.

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00:00 : Content Warning
00:09 : Intro
00:21 : The Breakdown
04:21 : The App
08:58 : Mission Targets
18:31 : Twitter
21:37 : TikTok
24:31 : Back to the App
25:33 : Snapchat
27:24 : Both Sides
31:22 : What You Can Do
32:31 : Channel News
34:02 : End Credits
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